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About Us

  Unionville Health Centre is well known in the industry for providing comprehensive and effective evaluations of individuals experiencing challenges following a motor vehicle collision (MVC).  We are respected for our integrity and our depth of knowledge as well as our court experience and success.  
  Unionville Health Centre provides an array of therapeutic services for individuals experiencing challenges due to injuries received in motor vehicle collisions (MVCs). Since 1992, Dr. Gordon Lawson and Dr. Susan Gillis, along with their associates, have used their knowledge and experience and have built a team of health care professionals dedicated to empowering the individual to their maximal ability. Dr. Gordon Lawson has been instrumental in researching, implementing and using newly developed therapeutic techniques in the treatment of MVC patients. Dr. Gillis is a leading expert in the use of deep-water aqua therapy to allow MVC patients who are unable to perform land-base exercises to participate in exercise therapy programs.  
  Utilizing their experience and understanding of injuries sustained in a MVC as well as the healing process of these injuries, Dr. Lawson and Dr. Gillis founded FASTEC (Functional And Soft Tissue Evaluation Centres) to provide independent medical evaluations (IMEs) that make a difference. The creation of FASTEC evaluations served to fulfill the need for a comprehensive evaluation that provides relevant, high quality and understandable information in a timely and cost-efficient manner. For more informatoin, please visit:  
  Unionville Health Centre now offers multiple IME options. Along with FASTEC, MAXabilitation Inc. now offers CORE (Comprehensive Orthopaedic Researched Evaluation), PECS (Psychiatric Evaluation Centres and Sleep-medicine) and PROFES (Psychiatric, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic and Functional Evaluation Services). The main advantage of these IMEs is the depth of experience of the individuals performing the evaluations. The medical professionals involved in these evaluations possess over 75 years of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. MAXabilitation Inc. takes pride in relying only on professionals with significant research experience, who are recognized for their contributions to their field, and who are respected for their integrity.  
  We work with legal firms and representatives, insurance companies and adjusters as well as our patients to ensure the best outcome is achieved for our clients.  We wish to earn your business by exceeding your expectations in helping you achieve your goals.  
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